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The HARPER GOVERNMENT, in the last days of the 2015 election, when they realized they were going to lose, they signed an almost $700 MIILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT with a ship building corporation to build ships for the military.

STEVE BLANEY was responsible for me and my family BEING TORTURED UNDER THE HARPER GOVERNMENT because he was in control of the RCMP and CSIS. He was the PUBLIC SAFTEY MINISTER.

When the LIBERAL GOVERNMENT won the election and took power on NOVEMBER 04 2015 a large envelope was delivered to our house that day  from the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE by Canada Post. The envelope contained CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS that my wife and I applied for through the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT in JULY OF 2015. Here is the first document in a series of documents we received that day from the RCMP. This is the only document out of the series that was not CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL. The rest of the documents in the series are CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL and they are mostly REDACTED and they are from the NATIONAL SECURITY ENFORCEMENT ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE COUNTER TERRORISM UNIT.

As you can see from this document, when they made it up, they didn't even know if or when they were going to give it to us because they didn't know when their investigation against us was going to end so they didn't even date the document and they had to stamp the date on later.

It took the RCMP 3 months to answer our request because we were under intense RCMP and CSIS surveillance. We started applying for our RCMP investigation information in MARCH OF 2015 and we continued to apply for our information until OCTOBER OF 2015. All of 2014 we were applying to the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OF CANADA and the PRIVACY COMMISSIONER OF CANADA and they would not give us our information.

Here is when we started requesting our informationn in MARCH OF 2015.

And of coarse here is when we stopped requesting our information in OCTOBER OF 2015.

They kept telling us to get our information from the RCMP and CSIS and as soon as we started applying to the RCMP and CSIS from MARCH OF 2015 till OCTOBER OF 2015 the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OF CANADA ORDERED the RCMP to INTERCEPT OUR COMMUNICATIONS as stated here by the RCMP In this news article.

((""Police used to apply for a general warrant to use the technology. In 2015, Adam said there was a period of at least six months — between March and October — when the RCMP didn't seek a warrant at all, acting on advice from the Department of Justice and government prosecutors.""))

The HARPER GOVERNMENT kept denying us our information so we never thought they would give us any until a bit of it was released to us by the HARPER GOVERNMENT in OCTOBER OF 2015 and it came to our place as we were watching JUSTIN TRUDEAU being sworn in as PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA on NOVEMBER 04 2015. We have video recordings of the mailman coming to our house and 2 guys were waiting out front in a car and they tried to steal our RCMP documents.

Shortly after receiving our NATIONAL SECURITY ENFORCEMENT ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE COUNTER TERRORISM UNIT documents on NOVEMBER 04 2015 the NATIONAL SECURITY ENFORCEMENT ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE COUNTER TERRORISM UNIT under BILL C-51 smashed our door in on NOVEMBER 10 2015 and raided our apartment and destroyed our computers and stole some of our government documents and threw us out of our place and onto the streets. We think they were looking for our CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS that we just received on NOVEMBER 04 2015.

Here is what happened to us after that.

The HARPER GOVERNMENT knew that the newly elected TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT was going to cancel the NAVAL WARSHIP BUILDING CONTRACT which the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT put on hold in mid NOVEMBER OF 2015 for 2 months, that the HARPER GOVERNMENT SIGNED so they leaked GOVERNMENT CLASSIFIED SECRET INFORMATION to the LOBBYISTS of the WARSHIP BUILDING CORPORATION to blackmale the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT into not cancelling the WARSHIP BUILDING CONTRACT and the LOBBYISTS leaked that information to a CBC RADIO REPORTER. The TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT wanted to MUZZLE THE LOBBYISTS and the reporter so they took the 2 month hold off of the NAVAL WARSHIP BUILDING CONTRACT and excepted the contract and the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT hired the reporter to work as an advisor for the DEFENCE DEPARTMENT to shut him up. Some of the information that was leaked to blackmale the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT was about the TORTURE AND ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION OF MY WIFE AND KIDS AND I.

Here is the news article that explains what was going on.

My wife and I had TERROR WARRANTS TAKEN OUT ON US IN 2008 AND IN 2009. We were the ones who had the fraudulent 30-08 warrants taken out on us by the HARPER GOVERNMENT.

AND IN 2003 THE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT UNDER PAUL MARTIN AND IRWIN COTLER TRIED TO HAVE OUR WHOLE FAMILY MURDERED IN THUNDERBAY ONTARIO. They tried to blow up our house, 7 of us lived there. Me, my wife and our 5 young children and our youngest was just born.

They held my family and I in Vancouver BC until JANUARY OF 2016. The government couldn't get another warrant on us from the courts to surveil us any longer because the last surveilance on us in 2015 was without a warrant. They surveiled us in 2015 just because the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OF CANADA UNDER HARPER TOLD THEM TO DO IT WITHOUT GOING TO THE COURTS because we were trying to get our information from them, they had our apartment wired for sound and everything.

In 2016 the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT granted MINISTERIAL PERMISSIONS to the military to intercept our communications from JANUARY OF 2016 TILL DECEMBER OF 2016 for the RCMP.

After the surveillance on us ended at the end of DECEMBER 2016 the RCMP and CSIS had their illegal surveillance program halted and a review of their illegal surveillance program is underway. The surveillance was initiated by the EX HEAD OF CSEC who we applied to to get our information because they have been intercepting our communications for years thanks to the fraudulent 30-08 warrants the HARPER GOVERNMENT TOOK OUT ON US IN 2009 but CSEC wouldn't give us our information either.

They applied for the surveillance in DECEMBER OF 2015 when my family and I tried to leave Vancouver BC to move to Edmonton Alberta and they were granted the surveillance permissions at the begining of JANUARY 2016. That is why they finally let us leave BC in JANUARY 2016.

We are currently living in Toronto and we have been abused, assaulted and harassed and under constat surveilance since we moved here from Edmonton Alberta on JUNE 04 2016. The investigation on MARK NORMAN lasted for 16 months from DECEMBER OF 2015 when our family tried to leave BC until the begining of APRIL 2017. We were living in SCARBOROUGH where the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT HAD US RELOCATED TO AND PUT IN A GOVERNMENT OF TORONTO HOUSING SHELTER THAT WAS CREATED BY THE EX MAYOR OF TORONTO AND THEY TRIED TO SET US UP WITH THE SAME EX MAYOR OF TORONTO AS OUR LAWYER TO HANDLE OUR COURT CASE AGAINST THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT. We were being abused there by the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT until we left SCARBOROUGH  IN MARCH 2017. The TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT tried to set us up for arrest the whole 16 months that they had their investigation going on against MARK NORMAN. You would not beleve what criminal activities the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT tried to get us involved in to arrest us. We were informed by the ONTARIO GOVERNMENT THAT THE TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT WAS DELETEING SOME OF OUR GOVERNMENT INFORMATION ON THEIR GOVERNMENT COMPUTER SYSTEMS ABOUT US.

As soon as we left SCARBOROUGH they decided to end their investigation against MARK NORMAN and they finally anounced the end of their 16 month investigation at the beginig of this month APRIL 2017 because they realized there was no way to put an end to us sueing them for decades of torturing our family. You will find out at our trial when we sue the HARPER GOVERNMENT and the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT for decades of abusing and trying to murder our family.

Here is the latest news about their 16 month MARK NORMAN investigation and who wants to keep the trial under wraps.

That is why the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT is backing off their main ELECTION PROMISE TO OVERHAUL THE ACCESS TO INFORMATION system, they don't want us to get our government information showing decades of abuse and attempted murder of our family. When they took us to court in AUGUST OF 2016 to have our daughter illegally taken from us they gave us their fradulent affidavit which even they themselves admitted to minor abuses of me and my family ever since I was a ward of the court as a juvenile until  last year 2016. They even stated themselves in their own fraudulent affidavit that they abused my family and I for over 35 years so imagine if they were actually truthful in their affidavit. They left most of the abuses to our family out of their affidavit but the abuses were so bad they had to at least admit to minor abuses against me and my family for over 35 years even when I was in CHILDRENS AID SOCIETY OF ONTARIO WHERE THEY JUST PUT OUR 14 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER AND NOW THEY ARE ABUSING HER THE SAME WAY THEY ABUSED ME WITH CHILD MOLESTATION.

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